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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Korean BBQ Chapter 1

I seem to eat a lot at Korean BBQ restaurants. To name a few based in Perth: (not in order of preference or quality. Mind this is just a list.)

  • Seoul Korean BBQ (William St, Perth)
  • Arirang Korean BBQ (Barrak St, Perth)
  • Shilla Korean BBQ (Royal St, East Perth)
  • Took Bae Kee  or Took Begi - original (Pier St, Perth)
  • Took Bae Kee or Took Begi 2 (Barrack St, Perth)
  • Dae Jang Geum (Francis St, Perth)
  • Hana Korean BBQ (Mt Pleasant; the Northbridge one closed down)
  • Cora Korean BBQ (Applecross)
  • Ninniku Jip (Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park)
  • Tong 86 (Beaufort St, Northbridge)
  • Seoul Korean BBQ & Steamboat (Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park)
Ok that's the best list I could come up with. I think there's only 3 there I haven't tried yet. So I'll do individual reviews of the ones I have shortly. We'll start with my most often visits and then organise to re-visit the other ones before posting a review. 

Oh and I'll learn how to link posts and update links later too.

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