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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Refresh: Let's start blogging again. Maybe 2015 would be different?

I know it's already nearly end of March and it's not like I haven't dined out much in the past year or so. I just don't seem to have the same sort of dedication or perseverance as other food bloggers.

I had this conversation with a chef (off the books) and he was both supportive of the growth in foodie culture and at the same time critical of the internet food blogging phenomenon. It's one thing to direct and positive get critiques and reviews from various customers, there's also the negative side. The phenomenon of a popular blogger post make or break a place is more of a risk for restaurants as well.

I always claim to be a foodie, but I don't necessarily think of myself as a food blogger. I'm critical and have distinct preferences for my food/dining experience. This doesn't often match up to general public opinion. Of course, I wouldn't just continue to post positive stuff about great places and I'd like to think I'm able to clearly describe my dining experiences. I do sometimes worry if the whole online food blogging is changing the food culture for the better? Are we truly qualified to review? I know I'm not trained in the industry, I can only go by my observations and discussions with others in the industry.

So with that in mind, I am going to commit to blogging about things more. I still love food. It's going to be a life long affair that will even exceed my love of my furbabies. Will add in some of the places I've eaten recently and since I am travelling soon, I'll include some random food reviews of the places I go.

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